Summer Residue

Summer Residue

I quietly step outside once again before night descends upon this late August evening. The air is subtly different now, unlike midsummer nights, signaling the upcoming change. The steady drone of cicadas remains unbroken, providing a comforting background for my evening rendezvous with the early stars. I inhale deeply and remind myself to memorize the moment to savor some dark, dreary December day. There is no turning back now. Summer silently slips away from Michigan’s grasp like sand through her fingers.   Autumn quivers with anticipation behind the curtain awaiting her debut.


29 Things I Love About You…

Today our covenant marriage is 29 years old!  To celebrate, I have written 29  things (in no particular order) that I love about my Larry:

  1. You are loyal.
  2. You are faithful to God, me, and our family.
  3. You are a prayer warrior.
  4. You love many nations of the world.
  5. You stay up on the news both worldwide and locally and can contribute something on many topics.
  6. You are kind to everyone.
  7. You don’t gawk at other women.
  8. You are a romantic at heart.
  9. You write the best notes on cards.
  10. You are good looking and try to keep trim and healthy.
  11. You don’t overeat or over drink.
  12. You stay up on technology and are not afraid to learn new things.
  13. You are steady in temperament.
  14. You cry at sentimental movies.
  15. You are always reading something new.
  16. You went to every parent/teacher conference with me over the course of 16 years.
  17. You took care of me and our household when I couldn’t care for myself.
  18. You make our bed every morning.
  19. You put your arm around me in public and wink at me from across the room.
  20. You fix my computer.
  21. You put gas in my car so I never have to.
  22. You love your mom.
  23. You love the Yohnke family.
  24. You invested yourself and your time with our children.
  25. You are generous in giving money.
  26. You walk me to my car every morning when I leave for work.
  27. You buy good coffee because we’re worth it.
  28. You can fix just about anything and have done so.
  29. YOU LOVE ME!

A View From the Empty Nest

Welcome to my new blog site!  For my first entry, I have chosen a piece that I wrote back in January, 2011, which inspired me to begin blogging.  It’s taken a year and a half, but finally…here I am!  It is my prayer that you will be encouraged and inspired in your season of life, whether you are young and perhaps just starting your family or at the end of the the child-rearing season and looking back with a heart full of fond memories or maybe regrets and what ifs.  Wherever you are, know that it’s never to late to change your view.

♥ Early this winter, before the snows began to fall, I handed my dear husband a spade and implored him to dig up this tiny white pine that had sprung up under the shadow of one of our tall 40+-year-old pines.  When I first noticed it a couple of years ago, I thought it was just another weed poking through the pine needles, but upon closer inspection I discovered it was a “baby pine tree” coming up on its own.  I pretty much ignored it, thinking that it wouldn’t survive.  Over the course of the last two years, as I would walk by, I noticed it was still there and growing a little.  Late this fall, it occurred to me that in order for this seedling to come into its full stature, it needed a “space of its own.”  Under the shadow of the great trees, it got little sunlight and was not going anywhere.

In a flash, inspiration came swooping in, and a plan was forged.  The little squatter would be dug up before the ground froze and placed in a clay pot for the winter.  He would sit as sentinel near our front door, greeting our holiday guests and waving cheerfully at the postman, paperboy, and any other passerby.  In the spring his patrol duties will expire, and “Little Squatter” will be given away at a shower for some lucky bride-to-be or mother-to-be.  Grounded in a new environment with room to grow, he will flourish.

For now, he serves this empty nester as a daily reminder that no one comes into his highest potential under the shadow of another.  When given a space of his own, he will stretch out his cramped roots and head for the sky.  ~