Of Praying and Prying


Recently, when I wanted to open the heart of someone I love, I placed some Scrabble tiles in my kitchen window frame to spell the word, PRAY.  Just a simple reminder to pray whenever I stood at the kitchen sink.  One day as I was dusting the window frame, I accidentally knocked over the letter A.  Now it spelled PRY.  In that moment God asked me, “Which will it be?  PRAY or PRY?”  To pry means to move, raise, or open by leverage; to obtain, extract, or separate with difficulty, for example, to pry a secret out of someone.  Was I going to turn to Him to open the heart of someone I love or was I going to turn to the leverage I have to do it?  If through leverage, I am able to get the result I want, will it be the result I want years from now?  Will it be genuine heart change?  Will it come from the free will of the individual?  We all have been given good gifts that can serve as leverage to open difficult situations and people.  Things like wisdom, beauty, intelligence, education, wit, knowledge, strength, finances, and yes, even love.  How and when we wield them and whether it is in our own strength and will or in God’s way and time, determines the effectiveness.  And sometimes God does things without any of our help.  Because He can.  Because He is God.  He has been doing this for eons of time:  Opening hardened, encrusted, glued-shut, darkened, deceived, blinded, broken hearts.  Changing circumstances that have been set in stone for years, impenetrable, immovable, and seemingly unchangeable.  This one is no exception.