Laughter Runs

Laughter Runs.


Laughter Runs


Laughter runs in the streets today
No opposing force can muffle
Breaking through the icy fortress
Conquering it in the scuffle.

Rippling, rushing, giggling, gushing
Melting every stony thing
Picking up winter’s debris
And tossing it with a fling.

Trickling, tripping, singing, skipping
Every stone along the way
Breaking down the grayish remnants
Laughter runs in the streets today! ~ jfm ~

Sometimes They Come Too Early


I heard they came too early
Those little harbingers of spring
Couldn’t wait to make their debut
Couldn’t wait their songs to sing.
Under the pine trees they huddled
‘Cross the barren lawn they scuttled.

I must go out and greet them!
I must go out and see
Those foreshadowers of springtime
Those tellers of what’s to be.
Two I quickly saw at a glance.
No…three there are (perchance).

Approaching on tiny footsteps
Holding my breath lest I disclose
My purpose in coming so closely
Was only to capture their pose.
Two swiftly ascended in flight
Leaving one in perilous plight!

She lay partially covered in ice
Not moving, not even an inch.
Her mouth froze open a crack
Her feet balled up in a clench.
Why did you come so early?
Why arrive so prematurely?

My cam’ra was dropped in the snow
As I breathed out a horrible cry,
The little one scooped up in gloves
Lifted closer for signs of life.
Her breast lay quiet and hard
Her eyes fastened and barred.

Couldn’t you wait to arrive to tell me
Warmer days were on their way?
Couldn’t you wait to bring end to winter
Couldn’t you wait ‘til an April day?
Oh, little harbinger of spring
I hear the message that you bring.

Sometimes they come too early.
Does anyone notice or care?
Are their days even numbered?
As others walk by and stare.
Early and born out of season,
Tiny but born for a reason.

Are not two birds sold for a penny?
Yet not one of them falls to the ground
Outside of their Father’s knowledge
Outside of His love that abounds.
The hairs of their heads are all numbered.
Wee little harbingers of wonder!