The Moon is Always Full


Imagine you and I are walking on a cloudless night along a quiet lake shore and look up to see a crescent moon, and I exclaim excitedly, “Oh, look at the full moon!”

You would correct me (or just think I”m crazy). “Noooo…that’s a crescent moon, silly!”

I would counter you with, “Noooo…the moon is always full, silly! It’s just our earth’s perception of the moon at this time that makes it appear crescent.”

“Oooo, aren’t you the wise one!” you would tease.

Then I would postulate along these lines: “Have you ever considered that the Creator of the moon, God, is always “full”? It’s just our perception of Him from where we’re standing that makes Him appear less than that. We would be wise to learn His true nature and character so that when we only see part of Him, which is much of the time, we would understand who He really is. The Scriptures tell us God is like this: He is love, He is good (there is no malice or ill will in Him towards us), He is faithful, He is true, He is kind, He is unchanging, He is our Father, and many other qualities.

Every day we need to recalibrate ourselves to this knowledge because our experiences in this world may lie to us and tell us otherwise…that sometimes He has malice towards us, sometimes He is capricious,etc. If this were true, then He would be a “crescent God” so to speak, not really full of goodness, and we wouldn’t trust Him.

To complicate matters, we were born into a war here on earth, and there is someone who really is full of evil. He was cast out of heaven along with many others, and his major work on earth is to lie about God’s true nature and character and get us to believe him. But once we know the truth about God by asking Him to reveal Himself to us and understand that when His Son, Jesus, was on earth, He was the exact representation of the Father, we can begin to trust that He is always “full”… not just in good times but in hard times as well.

“Wow, I never thought of it that way,” you whisper as we round the bend towards home.