29 Things I Love About You…

Today our covenant marriage is 29 years old!  To celebrate, I have written 29  things (in no particular order) that I love about my Larry:

  1. You are loyal.
  2. You are faithful to God, me, and our family.
  3. You are a prayer warrior.
  4. You love many nations of the world.
  5. You stay up on the news both worldwide and locally and can contribute something on many topics.
  6. You are kind to everyone.
  7. You don’t gawk at other women.
  8. You are a romantic at heart.
  9. You write the best notes on cards.
  10. You are good looking and try to keep trim and healthy.
  11. You don’t overeat or over drink.
  12. You stay up on technology and are not afraid to learn new things.
  13. You are steady in temperament.
  14. You cry at sentimental movies.
  15. You are always reading something new.
  16. You went to every parent/teacher conference with me over the course of 16 years.
  17. You took care of me and our household when I couldn’t care for myself.
  18. You make our bed every morning.
  19. You put your arm around me in public and wink at me from across the room.
  20. You fix my computer.
  21. You put gas in my car so I never have to.
  22. You love your mom.
  23. You love the Yohnke family.
  24. You invested yourself and your time with our children.
  25. You are generous in giving money.
  26. You walk me to my car every morning when I leave for work.
  27. You buy good coffee because we’re worth it.
  28. You can fix just about anything and have done so.
  29. YOU LOVE ME!

4 responses

  1. Janet I like those comments and can give Bennie credit to many of those also esp the gasing the car up my sister would say what what is the gas price there and I learned to look just to tell her because I had no clue other wise because Ben would put gas in my car

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