The Proposal

945018_657320259553_1404889580_n  On an evening in May, Aaron took Adrienne out for dinner and brought her back to our house just at dusk, supposedly to watch a movie. Instead, he walked her down a lighted path to the backyard where a few friends and I had “set the stage” earlier in the day. Underneath our Japanese maple tree bedecked in pink blossoms, awaited a pair of wicker chairs, plump pillows, a hanging basket of flowers, and small table surrounded by lanterns. Dangling from the tree branches glowed Japanese lanterns and an outdoor chandelier sparkling in the sunset. As they sat down, Erika was bewildered as Aaron brought out a large bag filled with five small gifts…each one representing a significant moment in their courtship. One by one she opened the gifts, making exclamations of delight. Then Aaron stood up and walked a few steps away from the chairs and invited Adrienne to join him. Only at that point did she realize what was coming and cried out, “Oh, is this it? Is this it?” Bending on one knee, he pulled out a tiny box…and the words she longed to hear ensued, “Adrienne Sager, will you marry me?” The air hung still in silence, and then a long embrace transformed into a dance.

Unbeknownst to Adrienne, inside the dark house, lined up along all the windows on the north side, were her parents, brother, friends, and Aaron’s family quietly, breathlessly, watching the scene unfold. As Aaron took her hand, he led her up the candlelit steps to the upstairs deck and flung open the sliding door….lights flooded the kitchen and shouts of “Congratulations!” filled the air. Later, toasts were lifted, and good wishes and prayers given to the newly engaged couple.

Congratulations to my son, Aaron, and his gorgeous fiance, Adrienne!


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